Division Rm Pics

These division room pictures are from our JUNIOR year

Please note: some names are misspelled and some names are transposed so they do not match the person in the picture.

Division 146 (Mr. Rice)
Division 158 (Mrs. Lindenbaum)
and 162 (Mrs. Bartuska)
Division 178 (Mr. Bayer)      
and 231 (Miss Noble)
Division 233 (Miss Pietch)
and 241 (Miss Engelstein)
Division 243 (Miss Rose)
and 244 (Mrs. Collins)
Division 246 (Mrs. Buntman)
and 248 (Miss Blade)
Division 261 (Miss Sierts)
and 266 (Mrs. Garo)
Division 273 (Mrs. Badger)
and 275 (Mrs. Hubbard)
Division 277 (Mrs. Antoine)
and 278 (Miss Harbaugh)
Division 280 (Mrs. Levine)
and 282 (Mrs. Hackman)
Division 303 (Miss Forsland)
and 306 (Miss Ashland)
Division 310 (Mrs. Corby)
and 350 (Mrs. Hassel)
Division 355 (Mr. Jacobson)
and 356 (Mr. Betensley)
Division 361 (Mrs. Biro)
and 367 (Mrs. Ziegler)
Division 378 (Mr. Kennedy)
and 380 (Mr. Altshuler)