Photo Albums

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Reunion Photos (from Shirley Hardman Walker)
Friday Evening (from Lou Gross)
Senn Visit (from Lou Gross)
Saturday Night (from Lou Gross)
Reunion Photos (from Marilyn Tempkins)
Senn Visit (From Lew Fox)
Reunion Photos (from Warren Volchenboum)
Warren Volchenboum admires the naval academy hallway.
Barbara Jacobson chats with Warren Volchenboum.
Warren Volchenboum enjoys reuniting with Mrs. Levine, one of his teachers while at Senn.
Warren Volchenboum with Liz Bloomfield.
Judy Bliss converses with Warren Volchenboum.
Harry Pestine stands by as Warren Volchenboum and Marty Taxe ponder the hotel silverware.
Reunion Photos (from Glorya Shorr)
Members of your committee working at the reception desk on Friday evening. Left to right: Jackie Stern, Elaine Miller, Bobbie Wolf and Lou Gross.
Lois Faber, Gail Cohen, Harvey Schakowsky, Shirley Hardman and Glorya Shorr.
Ellyn Robbins, Phyllis Goldstein, Arlene Resnick, Judy Sadoff, Eileen Lerner and Glorya Shorr.
Ellen Klein, Glorya Shorr and Helene Gurevitz.
Steve Baime, Glorya and Judi Sadoff.
Reunion committee coordinator Jackie Stern waves as she welcomes the assembled classmates on Friday night.  Larry Wolfson and Lou Gross are behind her.
Reunion committee members Elaine Miller, Bobbie Wolf, Alan Goldberg, Larry Wolfson, Jackie Stern, Lou Gross, Arde Reisenfeld, Maddy Hellman and Sharon Tucker. Arde, what is Lou doing behind you?
Karen Mikell, Arlene Resnick, Judy Sadoff, Rosalind Weiss, Ellyn Robbins, Glorya Shorr and Ricki Fine.
Jackie Stern, Maddy Hellman and Elaine Miller.
And for a change of pace, this time it is Elaine Miller, Maddy Hellman and Jackie Stern.
Glorya and Sheila Batt.
Reunion Photos (from Karlynne Klein)
Allan Aven and Karlynne Klein show the love.
Allan Aven, Jackie Stern and Elliott Ohannes make a Jackie sandwich.  Jackie, you look a bit squished.
Bobbi Schwartzberg, Harry Pestine and Harold Malen happy to be there.
Jackie Stern and Karlynne Klein showing their matching hair color.
Washington Trip 1959
Yearbook Photos