Class Of June 1960
Dear Senn June '60 Graduates,

THANK YOU to all of you who sent us comments and notes of appreciation about our 50th and 55th reunions.  We are SO glad that you enjoyed the experience!

It was our pleasure to put together the past two reunions that so many of you attended and enjoyed.  We had been planning our 60th reunion - but after postponing it twice, we have sadly decided to cancel it.

Our wonderful Website will continue to be available to you for at least 2 more years. Please add your profile if you haven’t already done so. 

You can contact other classmates by clicking on the green “Send (first name) a message” box under most profiles. If you do not find a profile for a classmate and they are not on the missing list, we MAY be able to put you in contact with them (only with their permission). Please send and email to our reunion GMAIL account ( with details.

We posted pictures and some video taken at the 50th reunion.  See sections (in menu at top right of page): Photo Albums, Documents-Photos and Division Rm Pics.
We offer our heartfelt “thank you” to all who joined us at the reunions, we provided the possibility but YOU made it a reunion.

Even as we still enjoy the afterglow of the past 2 reunions, we hope to be able to see you again in the future! 

YOUR Reunion Committee




Pictures of your reunion committee



Your Reunion Committee - 2023

         (Alan, Elaine, Arlene, Sharon, Maddy, Jackie, Bobbie)

** In memory of Larry Wolfson, 1942-2021 **

** In memory of Arde Harris, 1942-2021 **

** In memory of Hal Malen, 1942-2022 **




Your Reunion Committee - 2020

 (Hal, Alan, Elaine, Arlene, Sharon, Maddy, Jackie, Larry, Arde, Bobbie)




Your Reunion Committee - 2010

(Lou, Alan, Elaine, Arlene, Sharon, Maddy, Jackie, Larry, Arde, Bobbie)



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<b>Go Bulldogs</B>
Go Bulldogs
<B>Our Alma Mater - Dear Old Senn</b>
Our Alma Mater - Dear Old Senn


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